Задачки для учащихся: обучаться высказывать свою точку зрения на британском языке
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Задачи для учащихся: учиться высказывать свою точку зрения на английском языке

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Дидактический сценарий урока английского языка

(11 класс)



Symbols of Canada


: формирование коммуникативной компетенции учащихся в рамках обозначенной темы

Прогнозируемый результат:

к концу урока учащиеся смогут вести беседу о символах Канады и их значении в культуре и истории страны


  • учить школьников полноценно пользоваться английским языком во всех видах речевой деятельности в разных сферах его применения;

  • способствовать овладению учащимися основными способами мыслительной деятельности (сравнение, анализ, обобщение);

  • создать условия для активного взаимодействия, развития аналитического и критического мышления

Задачи для учащихся:

  • учиться высказывать свою точку зрения на английском языке;

  • учиться применять полученные знания на практике; учиться работать в команде

Тип урока:

урок комплексного применения знаний, умений, навыков


коммуникативный, интерактивный

Оснащение урока

: раздаточный и иллюстративный материал, презентация Notebook, мультимедийный проектор, интерактивная доска, лингафонный кабинет.

Все материалы (презентация, видео, тест для лингофонного кабинета) можно скачать по ссылке:


  1. Warming-up(3 min)

  • Good morning! I’m glad to see you and hope you are ready to start working.

And in order to encourage you for hard work I`d like to puzzle you a little. Look at the board.

(презентация Notebook )

As usually you can see there Quotation of the day, but today it is not complete. Try to guess what country Jane Fonda meant when she said: When I'm in Canada, I feel this is what the world should be like.)
(students give ideas)
Look at these pictures they can help you
(at the screen – a beaver, a maple, a policeman)
What country is associated with it?

  1. Announcement of the topic and the necessity to study it

  1. Open Discussion:

    (3 min)

- What are your associations with Belarus? Britain? the USA? Australia?
- Can we say that all these things are symbols of these countries?
- What can be a symbol?
(students give ideas:

anthem, coat of arms, flag, animal or bird, flower or plant…)

(students answer the questions, the teacher writes down the answers on the blackboard, fills in the associagram.)

  1. Entrance Test

    (5 min)

Try to fill in the gaps of this table (

Attachment 1 Pupils` Sheet Ex. 1

Thank you, now try to make the same with my table but with pictures
Please, comment
(students move around the classroom, explain their choice)
Which of these columns was the most difficult for you to fill in?
So, do you want to learn more about the symbols of Canada?

  1. Procedure

  1. Video

    (Introduction to Canada)

    (10 min)


  • Please, watch a movie about Canada but first pay attention to the words in the wordbox

While watching

  • While watching try to focus on the information about the symbols of the country

After watching

  • Let’s share what you have seen (students represent the information in turn)


Express your point of view on the following question: What are impressions of the country?

  1. Reading

    (3 min) (

    Attachment 2)

Now, please, take these cards, read the information and fill in the gaps about the symbol you have read about, be ready to answer the questions of your classmates.
(read different texts, fill in the gaps)

  1. Interactive task “ Merry-go-round “

    (5 min)

Stand up, take your cards, please, make two circles, ask 3 questions to each other and fill in the rest of the gaps in your table. (

Attachment 1 Pupils` Sheet Ex. 2


IV. Round up

  1. Summary

    (3 min)

  • So, lets go back to our table, what have you learned about:

  1. Canadian flag,

  2. national emblem,

  3. National animal

  4. National plant

  5. National capital

  6. National Sport

  7. National Cultural Symbol

  8. National Anthem…..?

(students tell about Canadian symbols, teacher comments)

  1. Test

    (5 min)


    Attachment 1 Pupils` Sheet Ex. 3


You look really interested, let`s check how attentive you were. Please, do ex. 4 in your Pupils` sheets, fill in the gaps using the given words.
(students work independently, then change the cards with the partners and check each other, the keys are on the screen)

Open Discussion:

(3 min)

  • Do you think that people can be symbols of their country?

  • What famous people of Canada do you know?

  • Look at the screen. According to the public pool the most famous Canadian is ….(music)

  • Do you know this voice, who is it? (picture)

- By the way do you know what Celinе Dion is singing?

4)Listening to Canadian anthem

(3 min)

It is Canadian anthem, listen to it
(listen to it and watch the movie)
- What do you think about Canadian anthem?
- Are Canadians proud of their country?
- What is it about?

5)Home task and the results of the lesson

(2 min)

What do you feel when you are listening to Belarusian anthem? Are you proud of your country and our national symbols?
I propose you to compare Belarusian and Canadian symbols and do some research about Canada at home. What contacts does Belarus have with Canada? What things does it buy from Canada? What things does it sell to Canada? How long does it take to get to Canada from Belarus? How is Canada different from Belarus? You may write some quiz questions. It will be your hometask. Do you have any questions?
Our lesson is over. Thank you for your participation at the lesson.
All the best, see you tomorrow

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